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Machon Smicha Application Terms and Conditions

Student Terms and Conditions

By applying to Machon Smicha I affirm, upon penalty of being removed from the program and/or having earned certifications revoked, that I:

  • Am a Jew according to halachah.
  • Put on tefillin every day (besides Shabbos and Yom Tov.)
  • Only eat that which is completely kosher according to halachah.
  • Observe shabbos completely according to halachah.
  • Follow Shulchan Aruch to the best of my ability.
    (If married,) Am married to someone who is Jewish according to halachah.
  • (If married,) Had an orthodox marriage ceremony with an orthodox rabbi.
  • (If married,) Observe the laws of taharas hamishpacha.

By applying to Machon Smicha, I affirm, upon penalty of being removed from the program and/or having earned certifications earned revoked, that I recognize that:

Machon Smicha is strict about its standards, which I have been made aware of.
Machon Smicha reserves the right to any time withhold a test, withhold smicha, withhold any other certification or certificate, terminate any student’s enrollment in the program, and/or suspend or revoke any graduate’s smicha or other certification. 
Such action may result from a student and/or graduate not following Jewish law appropriately, from damaging the reputation of Machon Smicha, or any other reason that the Machon Smicha faculty deem warrants such action.

Financial Terms and Conditions

By applying to Machon Smicha, I affirm that I understand that:

  • Monthly payments occur on the same time and date as when the first payment was made. 
    New content will not be unlocked before payment has been made.
  • If paying upfront, new content will be automatically unlocked as the program progresses.
  • Tuition for each course must be paid up fully before being allowed to take the final test.
  • If I only wish to take certain courses, I need only pay for those.
  • If I withdraw from Machon Smicha, I will no longer be charged. However, previous payments for content received are non-refundable.
  • If I wish to withdraw and stop being charged, it is my responsibility to let Machon Smicha’s faculty know, so that the system can be updated accordingly.
  • If I fail to do so before a charge is made, it is up to the discretion of the Machon Smicha faculty whether to refund that charge or not.