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Rabbonim and Masmichim

Our Faculty


Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman

Director, Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman is a gifted teacher of halachah, and is known for his clarity and clear delivery. Rabbi Kesselman has taught and guided hundreds of students on their journey to receiving smicha. Rabbi Kessleman is a Rosh Yeshiva in Achei Tmimim Yeshiva (Brooklyn NY.)


Rabbi Nechemia Gurevitz

Student Coordinator, Shoel U’meishiv

Rabbi Nechemia Gurevitz is the co-director of Chabad of Hall County, GA. Rabbi Gurevitz has taught Halachah, Chassidus, and Talmud, in yeshivos around the world.

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Rabbi Elisha Pearl

Rabbinic Advisor

Rabbi Elisha Pearl, a musmach of Harav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, and Yeshiva University, has studied and taught halachah at Yeshivat Har Etzion, Yeshiva University, and Kolel Menachem. He has taught Torah from the Himalayas to the Alps, and from the Judean Hills to the Texan Plains.


Rabbi Yitzchak Sultan

Curriculum Developer

Rabbi Yitzchak Sultan is the editor of, a member of the Kollel in Yeshiva University, and coordinator of night seder at the Young Israel of Riverdale. Rabbi Sultan has previously served as editor for Beis Yitzchak, Kol Tzvi, and Batei Yosef, publications of Yeshiva University.


Rabbi Moshe Boruch Lichtensztajn

Curriculum Developer

Rabbi Moshe Boruch Lichtensztajn serves as a consultant of the Beis Hora’ah Darkei Hora’ah, is on the Halachic advisory board of Machon Zomet, and is the author of the sefer Darkei Halachah. Currently a member of the Dayanus Chaburah at Darkei Hora’ah L’rabbanim (Yerushalayim), Rabbi Lichtensztajn received smicha from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, Rav Yisroel Gans, Rav Naftoli Kopshitz, Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, and others.
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Rabbi Daniel Rosenfeld

Curriculum Developer

Rabbi Daniel Rosenfeld received smicha from Yeshiva University and Yadin Yadin smicha from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. He teaches in Yeshivat Shaalvim and serves as a dayan for the beis din of Kollel Eretz Hemdah.


Rabbi Tzemach Zirkind

Shoel U’meishiv

Rabbi Zirkind is a senior member of Kollel L’hora’ah Ma’asis in Brooklyn NY. Rabbi Zirkind has received smicha and shimush from Rabbonim and Dayanim all over the world.


Rabbi Chaim Burman


Rabbi Chaim Burman is Safra D’dayna at the Kehillas Federation Beis Din in the UK and Rabbi of the YAM community in London. He has smicha from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate; Rav Azriel Auerbach and Rav Yisroel Ganz and is currently completing a doctorate on the subject of truth theories in contemporary rabbinic literature.