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Machon Smicha

Frequently Asked Questions

On the one hand, there is nothing live about our courses. Every person in the program has an account on our website, from where they can access all their course content (shiurim, introductions, summaries, translations, quizzes, test, etc). Therefore, you can learn when and how it works for you.

However, to give you as much support as possible, we do our courses in cohorts, and will provide you a schedule of when, how, and what to learn. We also have rabbis available to answer questions, we have active group discussion boards, and also work to arrange chavrusos for those who want.

In all, the program is flexible, however there is still a rigorous framework wherein the learning takes place. 

The entire smicha program is online, including tests. The tests are written, and completed online, from within your account.

Firstly, there are many quizzes to best prepare you for each test, and to endeavor that you do not fail. That said, if you do fail, you will be provided the opportunity to retake it (either the same exact test, or a different on, to be determined by the rabbis in the program).

See the pricing page here.

Yes. Your monthly subscription will be cancelled, and you will no longer be charged.

If you withdraw from the program, we refund you all the money you paid, excluding the months you spent enrolled in any given course, at a rate of $300 a month.


Therefore, let’s say a course is $200 a month for 12 months, and it takes you 18 months to complete it, you will not be charged after 12 months.

Yes. Please speak to one of the Machon Smicha rabbis directly about that.

For all other questions, please email