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Kashrus in the Kitchen

Brush up on fundamental, practical topics in hilchos kashrus; exploring the Shulchan Aruch, the poskim and their application in your day-to-day life. 



Rabbi Boruch Hertz

Community Rov and Rabbi of Congregation Bnei Reuven, Chicago, IL


Rabbi Nissan Zibell

Rabbinic Administrator at the Rabbinate of Central Florida


Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka

Senior Rabbinic Coordinator at OK Kosher

Course Info

What is it?

Kashrus in the Kitchen offers those who received smicha already the opportunity to revisit fundamental topics covered throughout their smicha studies. Additionally, various new topics are incorporated into the course, all with a focus on seeing the application of these halachos in one’s day -to-day life.

Course is approx. three months long.

Who is it for?

Whether you learned smicha years ago and could do with a good review, or you just completed it and want to take the next step in your learning, or even if you never did smicha but want to learn these important areas of halacha in an applicable manner, this course is for you.

And thanks to Machon Smicha’s innovative curriculum, this course can bring almost anyone up to speed, while still offering a high level of learning that will benefit everyone, from the beginner uninitiated to the advanced .

Why learn this?

The subject matter is practical, relevant, and comes up often. This course will teach you the fundamental halachos of kashrus, equipping you to deal with day-to-day issues as they arise, and further your limmud hatorah in a structured manner.

Course Offer:

In this course, similar to the flagship smicha program, Machon Smicha offers students:
  • Online portal with access to all the program content Flexible schedule.
  • Shiurim by Rabbi Kesselman.
  • English Study Guide containing introductions, overviews, translations, and in-depth summaries of every halachah.
  • Access to forums for questions, discussions, etc.
  • Rabbi and teachers available to answer questions and aid in the learning Quizzes, other review material, and mock tests. Certificate for those who successfully complete the program.

Course Curriculum

The course was developed by the Machon Smicha team, under the guidance of experts in the field – Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka, Rabbi Nissan Zibell, and Rabbi Boruch Hertz.  The topics covered by the course are relevant as well as interesting, and are subdivided into four primary topics:

Shiurim on the Shulchan Aruch by Rabbi Kesselman. Additionally, Rabbis Hanoka, Hertz, and Zibell will deliver shiurim throughout the course, drawing from their wealth of knowledge and insight, both halachic and practical, and sharing that with the students.