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Dayanus and Choshen Mishpat

Master the halachos of beis din, halachic litigation, business, and interpersonal responsibility.



Rabbi Sholom Ber Shuchat

Dayan Beis Din Agudas Harabonim
Rosh Kolel Lehora’ah Ma’asis
Brooklyn, NY


Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin

Rov and Dayan
London, England



Rabbi Chaim Rapoport

Dayan and Rov
London, England

Course Info

What is it?

The Dayanus & Choshen Mishpat course offers participants who received smicha already to take their learning to the next level. The course covers the fundamental halachos of beis din, halachic litigation, and interpersonal responsibility. Additionally, various rabbonim and dayanim, experts in their respective fields, will deliver shiurim throughout the course, drawing from their wealth of knowledge and insight, and sharing that with the participants.

How long is the course?

The course is approx. two years.

Who is it for?

Thanks to Machon Smicha’s innovative curriculum, this course can bring almost anyone up to speed, while still offering a high level of learning that will benefit everyone, from the novice learner to the seasoned scholar.

May I practice as a dayan on a beis din upon upon completion of the course?

Assuming you successfully complete the course and pass all tests, you will receive a certificate of completion, signed by leading dayanim and rabbonim. Nevertheless, completion of the course is not automatically endorsement to practically serve as a dayan.

Course Offer

Machon Smicha offers each student a complete curriculum, consisting of:

  • Online portal with access to all the program content
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Shiurim.
  • English Study Guide, containing introductions, overviews, translations, and in-depth summaries of every halachah.
  • Access to forums and teachers for questions, discussions, etc. 
  • Rabbi and teachers available to answer questions and aid in the learning
  • Quizzes, review material, and mock tests.
  • Tests with prominent rabbis.
  • Certificate for those who successfully complete the program.

Course Curriculum