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Machon Smicha

About Machon Smicha

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What is Machon Smicha?
Machon Smicha is an online institute of halachah that empowers everyone to learn and master halachah. We offer rigorous and structured courses across a broad spectrum of topics, enabling learners to grown and succeed in their Torah learning, from the novice to the scholar.

What is the goal of Machon Smicha?
Started in 2019 by Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman, Machon Smicha strives to answer the call of so many who want to learn halachah in a deep and authentic manner. People who might feel that on their own, do not necessarily possess the tools to open up a Gemara, a Shulchan Aruch, or the various poskim, and learn them at a high level. Our goal is to create courses in halachah wherein participants can explore the halachic process on their own, in-depth, and come to an understanding, along with an appreciation, of why we do what we do.

How is this goal achieved?
To that end, we offers a variety of course resources and content to achieve our goal, including translations, summaries, shiurim, quizzes, flexible schedules, and access to rabbis and teachers. However, what truly sets us apart is the Machon Smicha Translated and Explained Shulchan Aruch.

“People need to learn halachah well,” said Israel’s Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau, when presented with the Machon Smicha Translated and ExplainedShulchan Aruch. “But sadly, that door feels locked for many. What I’m holding in my hands is the key to unlocking that door.”

How has Machon Smicha grown?
Over the past four years, what started as a program offering one smicha course with 15 participants has become a multi-faceted world-wide institute of halchah offering fiveu complete course, and with over 350 people currently enrolled.

We have coordinated with Rabbonim form all over the world, and have brought together a team of expert talmidei chachomim, teachers, writers, editors and curriculum developers.

What is the future of Machon Smicha?
B’ezras Hashem, Machon Smicha will continue to grow exponentially. We will continue to hone our programs, partner with more rabbonim, and engage new communities and audiences.

Our specific goals for 2023 include:

— Finish producing the Dayanus program.
— Launch Shabbos course
— Enroll at least 300 people in the Smicha program
— Enroll 50 new people in the Dayanus program.
— Enroll at least 100 people in the Shabbos program