About Machon Smicha

Many want to learn and receive smicha, but find it difficult to do so. Some are in places with no structured program, others have difficulty navigating the Shulchan Aruch and its commentaries, while others have difficulty committing to such an undertaking.

Machon Smicha utilizes a unique curriculum that was designed for precisely such students, and the program is becoming more and more popular. The one-of-a-kind initiative provides learners with step-by-step guidance through the smicha process, fusing authentic learning with modern technology.

“So many people want to receive smicha, and they know the Rebbe wants that too,” explains Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman, Machon Smicha Director and Maggid Shiur Smicha in Chovevei Torah of Crown Heights. “The program we created is exciting for students because now that goal is practical and attainable.”

At Machon Smicha, the topics covered are relevant and practical, smicha is completed in just under a year, and the schedule is made flexible to fit each student’s needs.

Our Curriculum

Smicha is to be learnt 1-2 hours a day. The topics covered are:

  1. Hilchos Basar B’chalav
  2. Hilchos Melichah & Ma’achalei Aku”m
  3. Hilchos Ta’aruvos
  4. Hilchos Shabbos

Our Offer

Machon Smicha offers each student a complete curriculum, consisting of:

  • Individualized, online portal.
  • Tailor-made calendar and schedule.
  • Shiurim.
  • Machon Smicha English Study Guide, containing introductions, overviews, translations, and in-depth summaries of every halachah.
  • Access to forums and teachers for questions, discussions, etc. 
  • Review material, mock tests
  • Tests with leading Chabad rabbis.
  • Smicha certificate for those who successfully complete the program.

Other Info

  • The program runs on Google Classroom.
  • For more information, email rabbisck@gmail.com.
  • See the FAQ for more information.