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Achieve your goal of receiving Smicha in a program that will make it work for you! 

Next Course Start Date:
17 December 2023 (5 Teves 5784)

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Clear, straightforward study guides

Flexible schedule

Dedicated rebbeim available at all times



Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman

Director, Machon Smicha


Rabbi Chaim Finkelstein

Rosh Yeshiva Le’Rabbounus, Pretoria, South Africa


Rabbi Nechemia Gurevitz

Shoel U’meishiv & Maggid Shiur, Machon Smicha

Course Info

Why Machon Smicha?

Machon Smicha utilizes a unique curriculum which provides learners with step-by-step guidance through the smicha process, fusing authentic learning with modern technology. The topics covered are relevant and practical, smicha is completed in just under a year, and the schedule is made flexible to fit each participant’s needs.

Who is it for?

Thanks to Machon Smicha’s innovative curriculum and English Study Guide, this course can bring almost anyone up to speed, while still offering a high level of learning that will benefit seasoned students too.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

Generallywe anticipate participants putting in about 6-8 hours a week of learning to keep up with the schedule. That said, the schedule is flexible, and one may go  slower, or faster. 

Course Offer

Machon Smicha offers each student a complete curriculum, consisting of:

  • Online portal with access to all the program content
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Shiurim.
  • English Study Guide, containing introductions, overviews, translations, and in-depth summaries of every halachah.
  • Access to forums and teachers for questions, discussions, etc. 
  • Rabbi and teachers available to answer questions and aid in the learning
  • Quizzes, review material, and mock tests.
  • Tests with prominent rabbis.
  • Smicha certificate for those who successfully complete the program.

Course Curriculum