At Machon Smicha, learning Shulchan Aruch is possible and enjoyable for all – a direct result of the specially crafted program and individualized attention. We make learning, getting tested, and receiving Smicha practical.

Machon Smicha’s next semester begins on 1 March 2021, 17 Adar 5781.

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A Word From Some Graduates

Zachary Gomo
Melbourne, Australia

“What a journey! I have learnt so much and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. I cannot thank you enough. This has meant so much to me and my family.”

Yisroel Uzvolk
Johannesburg, South Africa

“This program was awesome. I’m somewhat sad it has come to an end.”

Hadar Meir Hasis
Queens, NY

“Machon Smicha was an incredible journey, from great and well written study guides to great lectures that Rabbi Kesselman gave. The rabbis are fully accessible and supportive, I highly recommend this program without a doubt.”

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Joseph Trachtman
Seattle WA

“Since receiving smicha, I am going from strength to strength in my yiddishkeit, baruch Hashem. Thank you.”
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Sammy Brygel
Melbourne, Australia

“I can’t believe the journey with Machon Smicha is finished! Thank you so much for everything. What a program – such a kiddush hashem in every way.
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Yishai Mahan
New Orleans, LA

Thank you so much! This program is honestly incredible. I will definitely be promoting it heavily.”