Tuition Information

At Machon Smicha, smicha consists of 4 courses, and the entire Smicha is $2000.

Payments made per course.

The per course payments can be split into monthly payments of $250.

20% Discount for complete upfront payment – $2,000 $1,600!!

Below is a breakdown of the courses:

Basar B’chalav$500
Melichah & Ma’achalei Aku”m$500

Terms and Conditions

  • Tuition for each course must be paid up fully before being allowed to take the test.
  • If you only wish to take certain courses, you need only pay for those.
  • Payments will be made at the end of one month for the upcoming month. (e.g. on the 31st of October for November).
  • New content will not be unlocked before payment has been made.
  • If you have paid upfront, (in full or in part), then the content will be automatically unlocked as you progress.
  • The price includes tests, and a certificate at the end.
  • If you are not ready to take a final test with the rest of the Machon, and a later private test needs to be arranged for you, you may be charged up to $50.
  • Machon Smicha reserves the right to remove any persons from the program at anytime.
  • If you quit Machon Smicha, you will not be charged for future courses. However, previous payments for content received are non-refundable.


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